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Super high heels they are a classic choice that will never cease to be popular. Not only do they elongate the entire frame adding many inches in height.


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They enhance the shape of the foot, ankle and calf visually enhancing the delicate feminine curves. Super High Heels used to be very rare and available only from highly specialist outlets for various professional performers. That has now all changed. These extreme heels were initially a bespoke creation.


Before being embraced within niche subcultures such as goth and new romantic, before finally being adopted enthusiastically by the realm of high fashion. Inevitably, the high street quickly followed suit.

However, although Super High Heels are now widely available.
Super High Heels


It does not mean that just any heel will do. Quality is paramount to guarantee both optimum style and comfort for the wearer. While many colours and styles are available.

It is important to select tones that will complement both your outfit and your skin tone as well as your lifestyle.

As a general rule, darker colours add drama and light tones signify elegance. Choosing a shade closer to your skin tone will elongate your legs even further, as will matching your shoes to you outfit.

Super High Heels and 6 inch heels can be teamed with a variety of fashion styles. Including long skirts, short skirts, elegant tailored or fitted shorts or even hotpants. You can even pair them with a swimsuit or bikini.

If the setting is appropriate and you want to go for all out glamour. It is also worth noting that Super High Heels are ideal for any kind of photoshoot. When worn they can elevate even a relative Plain Jane to the status of a supermodel, by affecting your height, posture and overall style. So it is always worth having a pair to hand.

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