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Platform boots
Every woman should own at least one pair of platform boots. This is for many reasons. They make you appear taller, give you the appearance of having longer legs and ultimately make you feel good about yourself. They also give you confidence. So no matter what type of platform boot you opt for, or what colour you choose, wear them with confidence.
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The platform boot is notoriously known for being comfortable. You really won’t find a more comfortable, or practical shoe anywhere else, other than your homely pair of slippers.

Platform boots are incredibly versatile, are available in a wide range of colours, styles and can be worn with any outfit.

Platforms are often available as a cute lace up bootie. This platform boot looks more like a large shoe than a boot and looks great when teamed with cute summer dresses and floaty fabrics.
Calf platform boots are the original boot and are probably the most comfortable type of boot to wear. They support your ankle as well as your leg. This type of boot also makes your legs appear incredibly long.

So what can you wear with platform boots? Well the answer is pretty much any outfit. Pretty dresses look fantastic when worm with pastel cardigans and platforms. Alternatively the platform look is also perfected when wearing skinny jeans, leggings and even the grunge look. Anything goes!

So what colours work best? Well again, it very much depends upon your outfit. Black of course goes with everything, but you can always buy a selection of platform boots in a variety of colours that can be matched with any outfit.

Platform boots look great in both summer and winter, night or day. To find the perfect platform for you, please have a browse in our online store.

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