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Exotic Dancewear
For exotic and highly desirable exotic dancewear then visit our website for the most up to date range of simply stunning outfits.

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There are numerous ranges of exotic dancewear to select from such as modern. Sophisticated lingerie type outfits to bright colourful skimpy dancewear ideal for pole dancers and party exhibitionists.
One of our popular ranges that are in high demand at the moment is the tight cami style top which comes with tight fitting hot pants and high socks. In fact, gloves, tights, garters, socks and many more accessories are can be purchased at a fantastically competitive price. There are also classic ranges. On offer which are exquisite and produced by quality manufacturers.

Within the classic ranges. You will find beautiful basques, bold yet sophisticated body stockings. Expert designed bra sets, sleek hosiery and suspender belts, panties and cut thong skirts and we even stock incredible wedding lingerie designs too.
Woman’s type
Another type of exotic dancewear that we stock are party and lace dresses. There are many sexy french style dresses to choose. Starting from strappy cut out designs to our very popular see-through mini dress and floral pattern dresses. Colours can vary, from black chic. Traditional long dresses to short or mini skirt outfits. For modern contemporary dresses in stock. There are multiple colours to choose from such as fluorescent, neon pink to luminous green. Also, we offer clubwear catsuits which are predominately made from spandex and can be purchased in a range of colours to suit your needs.
Within our catalogue. You will see an extensive range of sizes to suit everyone and meet the needs of all of our customers. Our dress sizes. Start at size 8 and go all the way up to a size 18 which is classed as our plus size range.



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