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Clear shoes
The hottest ladies footwear at the moment has to be that of this shoes. They can be seen everywhere, and our online shop boasts the very best clear shoes at affordable prices.Clear shoes are perfect for wearing in the spring and summer months, as the days are longer and warmer. They can be worn for a day out shopping, in the office or for when partying the night away. They can be seen everywhere.

Party feet

This shoes are perfect for having a fun night out with friends. They are often available with a high heel and stroppy ankle straps that help to accentuate the legs. Many also have an accented toe in a pretty pastel shade.

Daytime wear Clear shoes are often available as a pump or flat for daytime wear. This makes them incredibly practical yet fun at the same time.

Prepare your feet
What you must remember is to prepare your feet before wearing clear shoes. Do not wear socks or tights, as the whole idea is to flaunt your bare feet to the world. So polish your nails and soften your skin.
What clear shoes also do is to make you appear taller and thinner, as they instantly make your legs appear longer.

So what can you wear with this shoes? Well short dresses that end at the knee are the best choice. Capri pants also look fantastic when teamed with this  shoes, as once again they accentuate the leg. One main advantage of the this shoe is that you can wear any color or patterned outfit with them.

So no matter if you are looking for a practical pair of this shoes for casual wear or a stunning pair of killer heels, please do take a look at our extensive range of this shoes.

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