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Blue high heels
For women who love high heels, the ultimate pair to wear in order to brighten up your day are a beautiful pair of blue high heels. Blue is such a happy colour and can be worn throughout the year.


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If you want to easily add a few inches, to your height, then heels are the way to go. They also make your legs look fantastic.

Blue high heels can be worn on a night out. Metallic blue high heel look fabulous as do blue high heels that are encrusted with glitter and sequins. The stiletto is the obvious choice for a fun night out with friends.

Blue high heels also look fantastic in the office. Best choices here include the classic pump in a navy blue shade as well as cute kitten heels in a pale shade of blue. The real beauty of blue for the workplace is that it looks professional but is less harsh than classic black.
Blue Heels

For a fun day out shopping or relaxing with friends in the summer months there are plenty of practical blue wedges and sandals that also feature a high heel. Then for the cooler months, blue high heel can also be worn when teamed with chunky tights.

Many women worry about wearing blue high heels as they are unsure of what colour outfit to wear with them. But there really is no need to worry. As a general rule, the same shade of blue, anywhere in the outfit, can be worn, that will also highlight your fabulous shoe colour choice. However other colours that work really well with blue high heel are obviously black and white. Other colours include yellow, brown, green and neural colours.

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