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5 inch heels

how to walk in like a model
It is not a secret anymore that most ladies are in love with high heel shoes. And there are good reasons for this. The high heels makes one stand tall, look slimmer and also feel confident. However, walking in 5 inch heels can really be tricky especially if you are not used to it. This does not however mean that you should not try. Below are tips to help you walk like a model in 5 inch heels without falling down.

Walking on heels is not like the ordinary walking you learned when you were a child. This is something that is totally different. As such, you need to start by taking small steps and walking slowly. You should not try to make bigger steps; stick to smaller and dainty steps if you want to make your walk look more natural.

Before you go out in your 5 inch heels for the first time, you should also practice wearing them around the house. This will not only make you used to them but will also create stuffs on the bottom thus making them less slippery. During the practice session, you should try to do everything you would normally do while walking in the streets.


If you are having difficulty with the thin heels, then you can try wedges. This is because wedges usually have extra arch support and a completely flat sole. As such, they will give you extra height without forcing you to do a lot in terms of balancing. They are therefore very suitable for starters.


5 inch heels

It will also be a lot easier to walk in 5 inch heels if they fit you properly. As such, you need to fit the shoes before buying them. This is particularly important with heels because if you are struggling to keep them on your feet, then you will probably not be able to walk even a step putting them on.

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