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Wardrobe Arsenal for Men

Another year is coming to an end, which means our summer clothing won’t see the light of day for quite some time. Now is the perfect time to reinforce your wardrobe with a some cold weather gear. Even though every men would feel warm and look good in a suit of armour, it is preferable if your wardrobe has options that are more socially acceptable. Basically, you need items that are warm and formal enough for work. You also need some casual clothing and, of course, some accessories for good measure

This is probably the best choice for a working outfit. It is comfortable, warm, and a tie is a nice touch to resonate with your inner professional. You can wear a shirt underneath and the collar will stick out. You can go with a black sweater like Daniel Craig here, but blue and teal will also fit nicely. This combination can work with both jacket and coat so it is quite a versatile look. It can also work as a formal and casual outfit, which is why it is listed as a best choice for fall and winter.

Two piece suit

Sweater and tie are great, but there will be occasions when you need to class it up a bit, and a two piece suit will always be your best solution. When selecting a suit you should go for somewhat darker colours to look more professional.


A vest goes really well with this combination, but it is optional, since you are likely to start sweating if you are sitting in a warm room, and that would be uncomfortable. It goes without saying that this outfit warrants shirt and a tie as well, but a stylish watch will really do this look justice. As far as footwear is concerned, if you opt for black or brown oxford shoes you can’t go wrong. Another item for the wardrobe.

Go with a cardigan for a casual look

When you’re not sure how to pull of a casual, but stylish look, a cardigan is your safest bet. Again a cardigan with a darker tone will go incredibly well with almost any shirt you select. In addition to its stylishness and adaptability, cardigans are usually very warm and comfortable to wear. You can simply take them off if you are indoors and feel a little too hot. Cardigans also fit perfectly with beanies, which is another great winter accessory. To be added to the wardrobe

Dark jeans

Yet another versatile piece of clothing. It would be a good idea to have several pairs of jeans in your wardrobe, since they can be worn along with any cardigan and sweater combination. In a way, they are a neutral piece of clothing that will go well with just about anything. The same applies for footwear. It doesn’t matter if you wear shoes or sneakers – jeans will complement both of them nicely. Finally, a classic black or brown leather belt will add additional flair to your jeans. Perfect for the wardrobe

Leather Jacket and a Trench Coat

You cannot have adequate autumn and winter wear without a coat or jacket. After all, the whole point is to feel warm and stylish while you walk down the street. For casual and semi-formal combinations a leather jacket is a solid choice. You can combine leather jackets with a hoodie if your aim is to go more casual, but for a semi-formal look it is better to avoid this combination, unless you are confident enough you can pull it off.

For achieving a more formal appearance, a trench coat is the best option, since you can wear a two piece suit underneath. Of course, it can be combined with both casual and semi-formal clothing like a jacket. Just make sure you pick the right size, since it has the power to make you look ridiculous if you make a wrong choice, also for the wardrobe.

Add some accessories

Lastly, you’ll need to get some winter accessories to go along with your combinations. A scarf can add aesthetics, and it has a practical purpose during the coldest months. Sunglasses are not restricted to summer wear, so feel free to add those as well. As mentioned, a beanie is a great choice for casual combinations, and throw in a few new ties just for show. A quality leather belt and a watch are a must for maintaining a formal appearance, and that’s about it.

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