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Who said that you need to be a runway model just to wear wholesale fashion shoes?


Well, now that wholesale fashion shoes are available, wearing fashion shoes doesn’t have to burn hole in your wallets, because these wholesale fashion shoes are affordable.


The following will be the kind of wholesale fashion shoes that is surely a must-have:


  1. Flora Fringe Ankle Strap Pointed Toe Heel


These wholesale fashion shoes has an extraordinary and exceptional design. It has a laced-like features and a pointed heels:


This shoes also offers the following features:


– Thick Buckled Ankle Strap

(That is accented with fringed)

– Zipper Back Closure

– Pointed To

– Single Sole

– Transparent Guide Features

– Stiletto Heels


At the height of 4 1/2″


  1. Dainty15 Black Blue ColorBlock Peep Toe Heel


These kind of wholesale fashion shoes has an outstanding and excellent texture and a very beautiful design. It has a 2 color features and a 5 1/2 inches of heels.


The Dainty15 Black Blue ColorBlock Peep Toe Heel has the follow features:


-Zipper Black Closure

-Tampered Heel

-Platform Hell

-Color Block Upper Feature

-Blue Mid and Lower Sole

-Open Peep Toe

This fashion shoes comes in the combination of color blue and red, but it has different color combinations available.


  1. Count64 Blush Cut Out Peep Toe Heel


A girly fashionista must have this kind of wholesale fashion shoes. It has a very unique design with a very beautiful look.


This shoes has many features, it includes the following:


-Open Peep Toe

-Gold Trimmed Platform

-Platform Height at 1 1/2 Inches

-Tampered Stiletto Heels

-Perforated Flap-like Ankle Cuff

– 6 inches heels


and a Zipper back closure for a comfortable wear.


  1. Virus Black Overlap Heel-Less Wedge


Now, we’re talking about the most extraordinary, the most exceptional and the most unique wholesale fashion shoes.


No more settling about any other boring shoes, enjoy this wholesale fashion shoes with the following features:


-Overlapped Multi-Colored Metallic Layered Upper

-Open Peep Toe

-Hoof-Like Front Platform Wedge

-Buckled Ankle Strap


Wear these 4 fashion shoes and look taller and better.


These shoes are affordable and surely man-made making them stronger and durable.


These shoes are quality product and in its first-rate production; Its man-made procedure assure that it is produced in an outstanding process.



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