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What’s New in Smartphones?
There is always a quandary with upcoming smartphones.

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As you buy for design rather than technical reasons.

But still the new phones in 2016 are well worth their money.
There are a number of upcoming smartphones to watch, including the iPhone SE which includes 4K of video memory, as well as an A9 processor.
The Apple iPhone 7 may be more to your preference. This will have 2GB of Read Only Memory and is believed to be fully waterproof. It seems the company are confused about the ideal size for a mobile, as it available both in the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch (the iPhone 6 was 5.4 inches).
Some famous phones
There are special custom phones for those who mostly use their phone for taking selfies, another for those who use their mobile to listen to music.

It seems they are really catching up with the idea of customising your phone which can only be good news for the consumer.
Another model with an SD card slot is the Xperia X-with the card you may have an increase in memory. Ip to 200GB. Sony are making a big thing about the fact that the battery will last for two days, which is an innovation and a half if true!
So we can look forward to increases in memory, greater customisation of phone types and hopefully totally waterproof mobiles.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been available since March. Like the earlier models (if not the S6) this features a MicroSD slot. There is also an increase in battery life, which is always a vital selling point.
The LG G5 has gone through a design change. It now has a cover or “chassis” of magnesium alloy. We can probably look forward to upcoming mobiles having the same sleak appearance.

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