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The solowheel is going mainstream, and it’s electrically powered.

If you’re a person who gets out and about in any of the big cities of the world.


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You may well have already caught a glimpse of this new form of personal transport. The electric solowheel has already been seen transporting owners to the office in London, New York, and Beijing. Designed for use on pavements and cycle-ways. What better way to avoid the four wheel congestion and snarl-ups of the morning’s usual rush to work.

When was the last time you saw anyone riding a solowheel, more often called a unicycle?

The chances are it was the last time a circus came to town. And the monocycle are human powered.

Well things are changing. While the automotive world concentrates on producing more powerful electric cars with greater battery life for longer journeys.  Other manufacturers are concentrating on a more basic form of electric transport.
Young boys and girls the world over will be putting an electric solowheel on their Christmas wish list for this year. But electric solowheel are definitely not just a child’s play thing. Those more extrovert adults amongst us will love the attention and remarks generated.

As they slide quietly by pedestrians trudging head down along the byways, sidewalks, and pavements of their country’s towns and cities.

Of course, having a good sense of balance plays an important part of mastering the technique of solowheel riding. Let’s face it, who wants to lose all their hard earned street cred by ending up sprawled flat on the walkway. Smirking pedestrians stepping around you as you gather up spilt papers or groceries.

The clever people who manufacture the electric unicycle have also included stabilisers in the package. So, before venturing out for that first public appearance on your monocycle, you can spend as long as it takes practising on the driveway or backyard at home.

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