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Mobile prices
How much should you pay for a mobile?
When faced with a question about mobile prices most consumers will either say “as little as possible” or for those who require the latest model they will tend to say “as much as possible”.


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Eeven if the rate is believed to be exhorbitant. The truth no doubt lies somewhere in between, but probably it’s better to pay more for a good mobile. No one can really argue with that one.

The first mobiles cost in excess of £2500 when they were first introduced in 1973; so we have moved on incredibly long way. Nowadays phones are worth 4-5% of that amount, and we use them for everything, so they are certainly value for money.
As mobile prices went down, so the demand went up. This isn’t the way it usually works, but it showed how the need for mobiles (and later, smartphones) appealed to us all.

The mobile phone store (or showroom) has only be going for about ten years but as with everything else, it may be on its way out. Those of us who sell them hope not, but things do change quickly. If you wish to find out how a specific phone works and how it compares to its rivals this would be a sensible place to ask advice.

Stockists like EE offer a phone for £10 with a planned tariff of £29.99, £49.99 or 54.99 per month. So it is tricky to work out the true value of the mobile. The dearer the tariff the more expensive the phone, perhaps? It is a good idea to look at the price of a built in tariff when choosing your mobile.

I believe prices will soon level out about the £30-£40 range, but that is only a guess on my part. Mobile prices could do anything.

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