About 7Jo.com / wholesale.cheap – Online Boutique.

7jo.com is an online fashion boutique that is based in China. We sell our high quality fashion goods all across the globe. What we do is to provide the very latest boutique fashions, as well as wholesale fashion items to the general public, that cannot be found on the high street. All of are items are sold at incredibly low prices.

So when looking for fashion items at incredibly affordable prices, look no further than us. All of our clothing, handbags and jewelry are truly unique and will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. We supply unique and beautiful items that everyone can afford.

Below are some of the items that we sell.

Wholesale Clothing

All of our clothing is unique and cannot be bought anywhere on the high street. This ensures that every item of clotting you purchase is unique and truly personal to you
We sell outfits for every occasion, from the everyday casual look right through to that elegant dinner date. Our exceptionally rare and vintage clothing is all sold at an affordable price, allowing you to make huge savings. So for that casual or more formal affair look, we will have exactly what you are looking for. We make searching for that perfect outfit incredibly easy and fun.

Boutique Clothing

For the fashion conscious person about town, we have a wide collection of select boutique dresses and separates to suit all occasions. All garments are made to a high quality standard while being utterly stylish and affordable. We sell all of the latest trends and are able to do so at cheap prices. This means that you can constantly reinvent your look. From workday essentials to romantic weekends away, we have an outfit for every occasion.


Every woman loves a good handbag and most women have more than one in their wardrobe, so that they can be teamed with specific outfits. The handbag after all is a popular and much needed fashion accessory. That is why we offer a wide range of handbags in a variety of differing shapes and sizes, colors and styles. Every woman deserves to own a beautiful handbag. We are also very aware that trends constantly change and that for the fashion conscious woman, so must her handbag. This is why we stock the latest trends in handbags but at very affordable prices, so that every woman is able to have the most up to date handbag in her wardrobe. We sell both branded and non branded handbags, but what we do not compromise on is quality. All of our handbags are made to an exceptionally high quality standard. We sell shoulder bags, clutch bags, bucket bags and satchels. Wee sell handbags for every occasion. What is also good to know is that we offer free shipping on some orders that will be with you between 20-40 days. Or alternatively we offer a super fast shipping delivery service, via DHL or FedEx.


Every outfit needs the finishing touches of an elegant piece of jewelry. Whether this be a simple necklace or intricate bracelet, bangle or string of beads, we will have exactly what you are looking for. We stock an extensive range of jewelry that is perfect for any type of occasion and outfit. If you are looking for something delicate then we stock fine and intricate necklaces and bracelets made from silver and gold. We also sell delicate pearl encrusted jewelry, chains and earrings. All are perfect for that special night out or romantic dinner for two. If you are wanting a more fun and casual look, then we also stock a wide range of costume jewelry that is bang up to date with the latest fashion trends. We sell at affordable prices, so that you constantly update your look. Our wide range of jewelry will instantly add interest to any outfit as well as injecting a little fun. Why not buy a piece of jewelry as a treat for yourself or as a gift for a loved one? With such a wide range of jewelry to choose from on our online shop, you will be spoilt for choice. It’s also good to know that all items are available at incredibly affordable prices.

Our Electric Boutique

This fun and funky boutique based in China has a selection of garments ranging from; boyfriend blazers, party dresses, skinny jeans and flirty skirts. This is the perfect place to shop when your wardrobe is feeling a little flat and in need of some energizing. We also stock sexy costumes, club wear, swim wear, lingerie, shoes and accessories. We sell the latest trends for when you need to update your wardrobe or you simply want to have a little fun. With our electrics boutique we have personal shoppers, who will help you to pick out a desired outfit as they have extensive knowledge about the fashion industry. All of the chic and trendy items that we sell are also sold at affordable prices. With a wide variety of brands and new items in stock all the time, you will never be at a loss for something perfect to wear.

Luxury Hair Products Boutique

To feel truly famine and sexy, every woman needs a hairstyle that she feels comfortable with and represents her personality. Even if you were not born with luscious tresses, that does not have to stop you from having fabulous hair. Our online luxury hair boutique sells hair products that will make you feel and look fantastic. Our range of hair products and accessories can be used for a simple day at the office or for a weekend away. No matter what the day is, every woman should have beautiful hair. Items that we stock include intricate floral headbands and other hair accessories. We also sell hair care products such as shampoo and specialist hair conditioning treatments. To view our complete range take a look at our hair boutique online shop.

How to order

Shopping and ordering fabulous boutique clothing, handbags, electronics, jewelry and hair products has never been so easy with 7jo.com. By viewing our easy to access website, you simply click on the online store you require in order to view your chosen products. This is all aided via clear screens and navigation. When you have chosen the items that you wish to purchase you then simply click on the cart to check out. All online transactions are carried out in the online store. You do need to register with us before you can purchase items but this is very quick and easy to do.


We deliver all of our items worldwide from our base in China. We provide free shipping for all items that usually take between 20 – 40 days. If you require your items in a hurry then we do offer an extra fast shipping service via DHL or FedEx. All of the delivery services that we use are highly professional, are efficient and will get your items to you as quickly as possible and in a safe condition.

7jo.com really is the place to go for all of your fashion garments and accessories. We sell a wide range of clothes and accessories that are sold at incredibly low process. Take a look today.